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SECURE CCTV Footage Manage & Share
Upload. View. Share. Anywhere. EASY.

Using CCTV in Risk Management to improve safety 

Upload. View. Share. Anywhere. EASY.

VUEcloud is a purpose built, secure, cloud based hosting platform that allows users to upload, store and view vehicle and static CCTV video files.
Accident reports, driver training logs and other relevant information can also be managed with associated video footage.
Powerful KPI dashboards are also available as addons.

Secure Multimedia Platform

VUEcloud enables people in your business to upload and share CCTV video footage with anyone, anywhere. It is purpose built to manage ‘sensitive’ and ‘highly confidential’ media securely. VUEcloud users upload footage directly from installed cameras in the vehicle, from a 3rd party camera or from their mobile device.

Protect your employees

Whatever the size of your business you want to safeguard your employees and protect them from the risks in your business. VUEcloud is an important tool in your risk reduction strategy that allows you to incorporate the use of CCTV footage from fixed or in-vehicle systems to identify unsafe practices, improve operational procedures and help staff understand the risks in your business.

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Reduce deaths and injuries on our roads

Up to 33% of all road traffic accidents involve someone driving for work. Reducing your fleets accident frequency and the severity of those accidents that do happen through implementation of an effective risk management plan keeps all people who use our roads safer.

Reduce at-work road traffic incidents

As a responsible employer you manage road risk in the same way as you manage other occupational health and safety risks. Using VUEcloud in managing occupational road risk offers your business major safety and financial benefits. Our customers benefit from huge savings from the ability to utilise CCTV footage in reducing incidents involving one of their fleet.

Market-leading Software combined with deep industry knowledge

Delivering unbeatable CCTV and video management

VUEcloud’s customer base includes global insurance companies and multi-national corporations. These clients demand a first class business solution and provider of the highest integrity.

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Secure CCTV Management

VUEcloud was developed from Day 1 to manage CCTV footage securely and easily. Fleets and their insurance partners share video footage from all sources using our platform.

They share and use the footage in critical day to day decision making

VUEcloud delivers the information to the people who need to see it, when they need it, wherever they are in the world.

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Performance Dashboards

As well as sharing video, VUEcloud enables key performance data to be shared and viewed using our dynamic dashboard feature.

Whether it is claims data or fleet telematics data, VUEcloud enables it to be utilised and shared in ways only imagined before now.

Fleet Risk Management teams can review performance against KPIs, make informed decisions to improve overall driver performance and reduce accident frequency.

Root cause analysis

Risk Management Tool

Today’s forward thinking fleet managers and innovative insurers can now use historical data and video in conjunction with advanced algorithms to identify hot spots and areas where improvement is required. They can then apply the appropriate intervention to reduce exposure to risk in the workplace.

They can then monitor what improvements have been made once the appropriate measures have been put n place.

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Secure Cloud Platform

VUEcloud is purpose built to manage ‘sensitive’ and ‘highly confidential’ media securely.

VUEcloud is hosted in a ISO27001 accredited UK data centre ensuring the best data security possible. We are regularly audited by external InfoSec consultants to meet our customers ever more demanding InfoSec policies. You can rest assured that your sensitive data and footage is in safe hands.

And with the new GDPR legislation in 2018 security and confidence in your provider have never been more important.

What Our Customers Say

Genuine quotes from clients and end users

“Following the client meeting today, they have 8 cases where they have uploaded camera footage to VUEcloud and used it to close a claim and have saved £54k. They also have 34 other cases currently under review which they have assessed will save a further £136k, this is all within 1 year.”


Executive Fleet Manager, UK Logistics Company

“Of the 46 clips in the accidents category I’d say 80% of these are useful and will help save costs in one way or another. It also will assist the claims handler assess what happened properly without having to go back and forth getting further driver comments.”


Head of Motor Claims, Major UK Insurance broker

"VUEcloud allows us to gather images and videos quickly and easily from parties and then also share them between branches. Videos are crucial to liability reviews and we have examples of cases where fraud or liability has been established purely from the video evidence.It’s a fantastic tool for claims and will only prove its value increasingly over the years."


Senior Claims Handler, Multi National Insurer

“We were questioning our decision to implement cameras throughout our fleet 3 years ago. Using VUEcloud has enabled us to realise a 7x return on our investment in vehicle CCTV. For us it all came down to accessing and sharing the footage fast and easy.”


Financial Director, UK Timber Supplier

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