About VUEcloud

Our Story

In 1999 Kay Neild and Glen Mullins, launched Vision Unique Equipment in Manchester, fitting reversing cameras to quarry vehicles. Today, known as VUE, their expertise is in providing bespoke CCTV and telematics tracking systems to UK fleets of all shapes and sizes.

A problem that came with VUE’s success was that its customers, UK fleets, were struggling to manage and use the CCTV footage that their fleet was producing. This problem statement was the germ of what is now VUEcloud.

VUEcloud was formally established in 2014 to help VUE customers with their CCTV management. One of the most significant challenges they faced, as simple as it seems, was being able to share accident footage with their insurers. They would burn CDs, DVDs, use USB keys or sometimes try to email it. All these methods were clumsy, slow, unreliable, insecure and very frustrating for everyone involved in the process.

In 2015 VUEcloud was selected to manage the CCTV footage from 10 NHS Ambulance Trusts, a role it still plays actively today.

Insurance companies claims departments took an interest in what we were doing, and in 2016 we went live in our first motor claims handling department for a global insurer. We now have implementations not only in motor claims teams but in liability, property and fraud teams as they all share the common challenge of receiving CCTV footage from their clients and brokers.

Today VUEcloud is an integral partner to commercial fleet operators and is integrated into the claims handling processes of Global Insurance Companies. Today we host more than 2 years of video footage in a secure cloud hosting environment.

Our focus has never wavered from going the extra mile ensuring our customers obtain maximum value from their fleet data, not just CCTV.

In early 2018 we launched VUEanalytics, a suite of very visual dashboards that help fleet operators and their risk management partners to make better decisions based on the data that their fleet is telling them.

VUEanalytics is designed to work with the data from your existing telematics provider.

Our options range from visualising your existing telematics reports and augmenting that with other fleet data such as claims to enriching it by introducing 3rd party ‘objective’ data-sets combined with modern data analytics techniques to build bespoke risk profiles of your fleet providing insight that moves you from a reactive situation to being able to predict specific risk and take actions to avoid it.

Insurers are starting to use these same methods to better assess a fleet from a risk perspective, work closer with under-performing fleets and to more accurately price a fleet risk. This we feel is the future of fleet underwriting.