Securely Upload, View and Share your fleets CCTV footage.

A multimedia platform for Fleet Operators that need to securely access and share CCTV video footage.

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Trusted by over 16,000+ users who'veuploaded 74,000+ videos and files.

Installing CCTV in your fleet achieves nothing if you can’t access and use the footage

VUEcloud is a purpose-built, secure, cloud-based hosting platform that allows users to upload, store and view vehicle and static CCTV video files.

Meta data such as comments, accident reports and other relevant information can be attached to the associated video footage.

Reduce Costs of Claims

Know where you stand in any claim by instantly uploading, viewing and sharing vital video footage with all stakeholders, reporting times slashed

Reduce Frequency of Claims

Using CCTV footage in driver education reduces claims frequency by up to 20% or more

Improve Driver Performance

Incorporate CCTV review into your Risk Management strategy, reduce accidents, protect your drivers, enhance your brand

  • “Following the client meeting today, they have 8 cases where they have uploaded camera footage to VUEcloud and used it to close a claim and have saved £54k. They also have 34 other cases currently under review which they have assessed will save a further £136k, this is all within 1 year.”
    UK Logistics Company
    Executive Fleet Manager

How it works

We've made CCTV footage sharing simple.

Over 16,000 users have uploaded 38,000+ videos. Try Now ↗

  1. Request footage from vehicle

    Driver uploads footage direct from the scene, admin logs into vehicle remotely or the depot retrieves footage from vehicle on return and uploads to their domain in VUEcloud.

  2. Upload and Share Footage

    Links to this footage can be shared with insurer, claims admin, transport managers, anyone. You decide what people can and can’t do with the footage. Add more information associated with the footage.

  3. Review Footage and make decisions fast

    Review the footage in VUEcloud, no download or viewing software required. Determine what has occurred and what action needs to be taken next. All in minutes of the incident occurring. Take control of the situation.

Our customers have seen a 40%-60% reduction in the cost of claims where the CCTV is available using VUEcloud

VUEcloud Product Tour

VUEcloud was developed from day 1 to manage CCTV footage securely and easily.

Since its inception, we've worked with our customers and their insurance partners to develop a simple process to securely manage video footage.

Today VUEcloud delivers the information to the people who need to see it, when they need it, wherever they are in the world.


Securely upload CCTV video footage of the incident to your VUEcloud portal. Footage can be CCTV, dashcam, from a mobile, it doesn’t matter.


Easily search and view all uploaded CCTV video footage in one place.Click into each thumbnail to see more information or to add more information and files.

Add Metadata

Add Metadata such as driver name, vehicle reg, location co-ordinates, comments and accident reports. Multiple formats are possible including voice, images, pdf and docs.


Securely share video footage and incident information with insurers, brokers, third parties. You can control what access each person receives.


Upload and access CCTV footage using desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Receive auto update notifications for reviewing any claim updates.

Claims Dashboard

Analyse all of your claims data in one secure place. Monitor performance vs KPIs, identify trends in depots and with particular drivers who may need additional support.

VUEcloud Features

We release new features to further improve the funcationality of VUEcloud.

Multiple file formats can be added such as video, voice notes, images, pdf and documents

Control what claims information users can view when requesting footage from them

Fully responsive and works across all browsers, mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

Users can comment on cases to add additional information and context to any file uploaded

Automatic notifications inform users of when footage is uploaded or meta information is updated

A full audit trail exists within each node to see what information has been shared by who and when

  • VUEcloud allows us to gather images and videos quickly and easily from parties and then also share them between branches. Videos are crucial to liability reviews and we have examples of cases where fraud or liability has been established purely from the video evidence. It’s a fantastic tool for claims and will only prove its value increasingly over the years.
    Multi National Insurer
    Senior Claims Handler


VUEcloud is purpose built to manage ‘sensitive’ and ‘highly confidential’ media securely.

ISO 27001 Certified

UK Govt G-Cloud Approved

Encryption @ Rest Option

Data Stored in the UK

Dedicated VM Option

Virus Scanning Of All Files

Dedicated SAN With 2 Hot Spares

RAID 10 Array

Dedicated Firewall, SSL for all HTTP Traffic

Who Uses VUEcloud?

If a picture paints a 1,000 words then one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words! VUEcloud is used by anyone who has a need to easily access and view CCTV.

Our customers include fleet operators large and small, facilities and building managers, insurance companies and brokers, claims handling companies, TPAs, anyone!

The footage could be from a dashcam in a private car or courier van, an 8 camera system on a heavy goods vehicle, a proprietary 16 camera fully integrated bus/coach system or from a gantry camera fitted to a building.

Anyone who has CCTV or camera equipment installed can benefit from using VUEcloud.

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