We’re delighted to announce that YouTrack is now called VUEconnected; and that it’s got a fresh new look plus some exciting new features.

We’ve changed the name to make it part of the VUEgroup family of products. Don’t worry; you’ll still get the same great product, functionality and service that you always have. In fact, YouTrack has been managed by VUE since mid-2017.

New VUEconnected Features

At VUE we’re always trying to give you exactly what you need, and our in-house R&D team and in-house development team work hard to solve your problems. This newest update includes some extra new VUEconnected features that you have asked for, which include:

  1. ‘Vehicle idling’ alerts (set various time delays)
  2. ‘Unauthorised User’ alert (when driver swipes in and shouldn’t be driving)
  3. ‘Vehicle input’ alerts (input is active or duration-of-use)
  4. More ‘Calendar Alert’ options
  5. Share vehicle tracking to multiple email addresses
  6. Filter and quick-select multiple drivers, vehicles and groups
  7. Intelligent search on all maps

Let us know what you think!

Get in touch to let us know what you think of the new look and features, or ask about complimentary products. We’d love to hear from you: 0161 877 2257

Get more of the things you love:

VUEconnected is at the heart of the VUE services. Our in-vehicle tech collects the data, which you then view in the VUEconnected portal. We’ve then additional software tools to securely share the CCTV footage, analyse the telematics data alongside claims data, and a driver-facing app so drivers can manage their own performance. They’re great separately but even better when used together!  Click here to explore the VUE family of products.